Monday, 27 May 2013

Opening Blog for GSoC 2013


    I am too euphoric right now to tell you that I got selected for Google Summer of Code 2013.
I shall be working on 'Refactoring of Proofread Page Extension' which is a Wikimedia project.
The best part is that I met some really wonderful people during the application process.

    I must thank Thibaut Horel, Thomas, Sumana Harihareswara and Quim Gil ( obviously all of them are Wikimedians ) for their support and guidance. If not for SDSLabs, I might not have been in the list of selected candidates. I can't mention everyone here so 'Thanks a lot SDSLabs! \m/'. This would have been much more difficult if I didn't have a friend like Shubhechyya.

Imp: Richa Jain, Abhishek Das also got selected for GSoC. So don't miss an opportunity to ask them for a chapo.

PS: I was a bit euphoric because of the news and made the mistake of writing 3013 instead of 2013. So, please excuse my mistake.