Friday, 20 September 2013

Winter of Death

An attempt at a poem after a long time. It's not very nice but one has to pick the fallen things some time.

No muffled cries of pain,
No tears with the rain,
Her attempts at winter went in vain.

The summer does not end,
She yearns not for the summer,
She wishes for the winter,
As cold as her heart.

The autumn in your heart
keeps the winter away,
Yet the winter doesn't keep away the summer.

She sought to destroy the winter,
Yet the summer wasn't strong,
It sweltered,
Peaches and melons burst,
Not her heart.

Life was as much of a traitor as ever,
Loyalty was loved,
Death would be her friend,
For she was also hated by everyone.

Death vowed to protect her,
For She was the only one,
The one whose desire for her was unruly,
She was the only one docile to her,
The only insatiable seeker.

As death departed with Her,
Life found the next one,
And danced to the maddening songs of life.

Death, the one who kept her promise,
Life, the one She hated,
Summer, always around, never in Her,
Winter, unflinchingly in Her heart.

Death, the one with Her,
The one who brought Her desired Winter
Around Her and filled Her with Summer.

Please pardon the excessive use of cliches.

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