Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Fog

The fog refuses to go away,
The sun can’t find its way,
The sun isn't mine,
The fog isn't mine either
But has found its way into my soul.

The sun is knocking,
On the doors of my heart,
Ouch, fog and sun are fighting,
Hurting and knocking down my heart.

See! fog is waning,
Sun is winning,
But it hurts me,
Yet, I just watch while they hurt me,
Yes, I will just watch.

The hurt is nice,
Like the bitterest elixir,
Spreads through me,
Altering me, Controlling me.

One little push,
And the sun will win,
And the fog is grumpily retreating,
Now, yes, now the sun is in.

Is my heart too small,
For you, oh sun?
Can you not just fit in there?
Oh yes, you are just sitting in there.
Uncomfortably, but waiting.

Will you just hang in there,
Oh I see, your heat expands my heart,
I see your trouble
Some day, it would be me in you.
A heart in the sun,
Not a sun in the heart.

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